Our mission

ASSOVIB goal is promoting and spreading professional standards for the independent valuation of properties offering to the main sector players processes which guarantee valuations objectivity and transparency.

ASSOVIB provides the banking system strong and transparent processes which are a valuable risk mitigation tools and contribute to stabilize market values.

The Association’s activities are performed either by setting ethical principles or by implementing in-depth initiatives on the scientific and technical valuation level, also in collaboration with institutions, entities and other market players.

The association aims to:

  • encourage a constant debate with regulators to promote quality, transparency and professionalism standards;
  • provide members with the Legal, Tax, Administrative and counseling information of common interest;
  • make sharing and exchange of experiences initiatives, for continuous innovation of procedures and evaluation methods;
  • raise awareness on the adoption of a management and delivery of appraisals which enable a constant quality and timing check and all the necessary requirements to guarantee an impartial and objective evaluation.