October, 17 2016
Held in Mantua the conference to discuss about property evaluation and sector relaunch to which ASSOVIB has provided its contribution.
Mantova 17 ottobreIn Mantua, “Italian Capital of Culture 2016”, on October 14 real estate industry leaders took part to the conference organized by E-Valuations. Among the interventions it has to be highlighted the one of Raimondo Lucariello, Italian Banking Association representative, who stressed that it is essential to take in the property valuation transparent and quality standards. Lucariello mentioned ASSOVIB as a player that has contributed to the definition of the Guidelines on property appraisal “from the very beginning”. The meetings were also attended by Silvia Cappelli, representing the TEGoVA Board, and the ASSOVIB Head of the Technical Committee Francesco Simone, who stressed the importance of transparency in the adoption of evaluation standards. The results of the working sessions gave birth to the “Real Estate Charter of Mantua”, a single document which will be the connecting bridge with the Institutions in order to offer information and suggestions to the Government of the country for the recovery and stability of the real estate industry.
Find following Silvia Cappelli and Francesco Simone videointerviews
Di seguito le videointerviste di Silvia Cappelli e Francesco Simone