September, 17 2016
ASSOVIB maintains its position at the forefront of an independent real estate appraisal collaborating with institutions for the definition of international standards.
ASSOVIB keeps specific focus on independent property valuation and then continuing its commitment to make this market in Italy more qualified and transparent, in alignment with European and international standards. This is one of the main messages delivered by ASSOVIB Vicepresident Silvia Cappelli in a videointerview with Monitor Immobiliare, leading sector publication, echoed by the same publisher in its weekly issue ReView.
All European, international and national regulations and standards require an independent and not in conflict of interest valuer, Cappelli said. The adoption of the ABI Guidelines and the transposition of the Mortgage Credit Directive in the Italian legislation confirm the pivotal role of property valuations at regulatory level. It is very much needed a competent and meaningful sector representation, autonomous from real estate finance and industry and that can act as interlocutor for the institutions, able to guarantee independence and transparency, the ASSOVIB Vicepresident highlighted.