May 16, 2016
The Association explains the importance to rely on competent and independent experts for transparent and accurate appraisals.
Stima valore casaProperty valuation has taken an increasing relevance in recent years as correct and reliable appraisals are essential for the loans provision, protecting the bank and, above all, the borrowers. This is one of the key messages delivered by ASSOVIB Vicepresident Silvia Cappelli in the Radio24 (one of the main in Italy) broadcast “Heart and Money”. In this context, it is essential to turn to an independent expert able to make an appraisal in a competent and transparent way, she highlighted. The real estate appraisal activity is difficult to handle for a professional in its spare time because it has become increasingly important by the regulator point of view. Such indications come from the Mortgage Directive which has been transposed in Italy by the banking system with the guidelines to which ASSOVIB has provided its contribution. “From the valuation methods standpoint”, Cappelli said “Italy ranks among the cases of excellence in the banking industry. There are some reliable players on the market, such as valuation Companies, to which you should turn for a reliable property appraisal”.