ASSOVIB joins TEGoVA and ForVal increases its international representation

Bruges, May 18th 2013
ASSOVIB, the Italian association of valuation companies working for banks, has been accepted by the General Assembly of TEGoVA as an observer member for the 2013-2014 term. On May 18th, in Bruges, over 70 delegates from 46 associations voted unanimously in favor of ASSOVIB’s candidature. Silvia Cappelli, Vice President of ASSOVIB, gave a short presentation of the association to the General Assembly, explaining the mission, the principles and the benefits of relying on valuation companies.
ASSOVIB is one of the founding organizations of ForVal, the International Forum of Valuation Companies’ Associations, that increased its international representation by recently adding Lidebir (The Turkish Association of Licensed Appraisal Companies) and Anuvac (The Mexican National Association of Valuation Companies) to its participants. With these recent additions, ForVal now represents over 180 valuation companies, working with over 6700 valuers in 6 different countries worldwide. ForVal strongly supports TEGoVA membership and European awareness of property valuation issues.
Association of the leading Italian property valuation companies working for banks. Members are CRIF Services, Praxi, Prelios Valuations, Reag4Loans and Yard Value; Genworth Financial Mortgage Insurance is an Observer Member. In 2011 ASSOVIB Member companies supplied banks with more than 200,000 property valuations, confirming the role of the Association within the banking valuation sector.
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The International Forum of Valuation Companies’ Associations was created to give a global perspective to the key issues and common principles of valuation companies by reuniting the industry’s leading associations in an open discussion aimed at sharing best practices and protecting the quality of service provided by valuation companies. ForVal’s current participants are: ANUVAC (Mexico), ASAVAL (Portugal), ASSOVIB (Italy), ATASA (Spain), CCS (Italy), Lidebir (Turkey), NUEO (Russia), SGS (Russia).
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